• Managed Technology maintenance services from NPS offers the benefit of a single point of contact for complete maintenance services for the customers.
  • Managed Services Functions typically includes planning, optimization and development.
  • It Builds technology integration and implementation of networks, services and business support systems.

The managed services delivery methodology encompasses the overall progress of an unmanaged system towards a fully managed efficient system. The complete progress path for the same is as indicated in the following managed services delivery framework.

As the first phase of services delivery, the status audit and GAP analysis of the existing system performed by NPS technical consultants helps the team to get through the critical details of the current status of the system. The team further reviews and analyzes the current system and operational processes to understand the business criticality and the operational performance of the system.

The second and third phase comprises of the modification and designing of the operations support processes and procedures for implementing the best practices. NPS has a pool of certified and trained process experts on various services standards including ITIL & COBIT, who are involved in this reengineering of overall support procedures.

The third and fourth phase of managed services delivers the implementation of proactive and efficient administration and management of the technology infrastructure and pilot run for the same.

Finally in fifth phase it involves migration complete technology infrastructure under scope onto an organized management and monitoring structure, so as to optimize the availability and improve the efficiency of the same. The complete setup is put on under strict surveillance and measured through different online and historical performance reporting.